Track Rules

  1. Everyone who enters Atkinson Motorsports Park must stop at the front office and pay the daily fee and sign a liability release waiver. If you don’t you are trespassing.
  2. All riders under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the minor’s consent form.
  3. No burnouts or fast riding on gravel roads.
  4. Trails are 2 way. No blind jumping.
  5. All riding is at your own risk.
  6. There are lots of hazards on Atkinson Motorsports Park property. Check riding areas out before any fast riding.
  7. Contain your own trash. Carry in, Carry out.
  8. A valid DNR sticker must be affixed to all machines.
  9. Helmets must be worn while riding.
  10. Speed limit in the parking/camping area is 10 mph. No exceptions. No wheelies no burnouts.
  11. All riders must stay within the boundaries of the park. There are no farm fields in our park and our boundaries are marked. If you stray you may be subject to legal action.
  12. Motocross track is one way only. Follow the green markers.
  13. No alcohol, No drugs, No firearms or weapons.
  14. No 3 wheeled ATV’s, Trucks, Jeeps or any UTV larger than a 2 seater
  15. AMP is not responsible for damage done to your vehicles, dirt bikes, ATV’s, UTV’s etc… It is your responsibility to have your equipment insured.
  16. In case of emergency, contact park staff.
  17. No riders in campground unless you are camping.
  18. Everyone must be gone by dusk unless you are camping.
  19. Remember if you get hurt at the park, it is your own fault for not driving safely.
  20. Ride safely and watch for children riders.
  21. Any person not complying with these rules and directions of Atkinson Motorsports Park personnel may be removed from the park at the sole discretion of AMP.